Official YouTube Mobile beta app.!!

Wow.. Just played with the new beta application from YouTube. It is a java app*!! Which is I can tell you a big challenge when your product is video. The app. has an build in flash player (I assume) and does not use the native player in the phone(for N95 it is the Real Player). It is very complete application which looks amazing in landscape mode on the N95. Now they just need to launch a simple uploader and they created a complete new mobile layer on their video distributionservice. Interesting to see that more and more parties are switching to apps as the primary way to offer mobile services. 2008 the year of mobile apps?? 😉

See screenshots below. You can find the beta app here.

*Available for Nokia’s N73, N95, E65, 6110, 6120 and SonyEricsson k800 and w880.

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8 Responses to Official YouTube Mobile beta app.!!

  1. Nice find! I installed on my E65 and its a slick app. But it doesn’t seem to use flash. When I first tried to watch a video, I got an error that told me I had to set my streaming settings in RealPlayer. Once I defined an access point in RP it all worked fine. So it seems that the client uses an embedded RP implementation. At least on the E65. So we still have to wait for true mobile flash video support.

  2. Rose says:

    You can try . It provides mobile transcoding of videos and web pages for mobile phone. I always download youtube movies and read web pages with it.

  3. Ron says:

    tap tap tap…. waiting for the Nokia N80!

  4. Hi Raimo, it does use the Real Player. If the internet settings (internet access point) of this app and the one Real Player uses are not the same, it will not work.

  5. …but it is a major accomplishment indeed. Full screen video would be very nice.

  6. Raimo says:

    @Prash and @Onno

    If it uses real player it means that the everything is pre-converted or is converted “on the fly” to 3gp(or mp4)… WOW

  7. Raimo says:

    As it is also possible to forward in the clips it seems that everything is available in .3gp. Isn’t this BIG news?????

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