Sharing bandwith with JoikuSpot Light

It amazes me that every week there is a new service that turns my N95 into a new product.

This week JoikuSpot turns my N95 into a hotspot. It just takes my HSDPA/UMTS signal and turns into a public Wifi hotspot. Amazing! Check this Seesmic video..

UPDATE: Just found out via Loek(the Candyman) that Joiku can only make point-2-point connections. So only one connection per N95.. Too bad..

UPDATE II: I just found out that Cali from Geekbrief has two devices connected to a JoikuSpot. Seems that it is still a mystery.. Anyone from Joiku want to comment???

UPDATE III: Check comment of Lasse from Joikusoft to explain in a bit more detail how JoikuSpot works

It is just so simple to install.. Just imagine that all our phones are also free wifi hotspots.. Check out the screenshots below:

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13 Responses to Sharing bandwith with JoikuSpot Light

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  2. wisher says:

    If you have a flat UMTS connection this is a very useful tip!

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  4. The Candyman says:

    Rhymo, is this the end of FON?

  5. The Candyman says:

    I tried this on an N95 and on an E90.

    Rhymo, are your sure this creates a wifi hot spot, and not just an ad-hoc point-to-point wifi connection, effectively identical to a bluetooth connection?

  6. Raimo says:


    I tried to link my N810 to my N95. I had a different icon that indicates the wifi connection. I believe it to be a point-2-point icon.. So you are probably right. Too bad..

  7. Lasse Maki says:

    Hi all,

    JoikuSpot indeed uses ad hoc to create a hotspot. Reason behind this is the Symbian stack that is missing the critical bit showing AP mode.

    However you can connect several devices to JoikuSpot at the same time. I have had five (5) different devices in my N95 at the same time: Three laptops, iPod iTouch and one other N95.

    We are preparing currently the final version and it will also include NAT + security. As coding Symbian is not so straight forward, the final release will still take some time. We also have to optimize the code to allow battery life to bit longer than few minutes….

    It’s cool to see that people like even the beta this much. The final version will probably change the way people use mobile internet. Hey, that’s we are aiming to. 😉

    Lasse Maki
    Joikusoft CEO, Founder

  8. Raimo says:

    Hi Lasse,

    Thanks for explaining. Can you comment on the fact that presence doesn’t work?

  9. Vero says:

    Well, I’ll be damned! I’m not a fan of S60 phones, but I’m impressed with this!

    We’re moving house on Thursday but not getting our Internet moved for a week, so I’ll be holding on to this baby for the week! Good job Lasse.


  10. John Kivit says:

    Geweldige applicatie Raimo. Heb het ook geprobeerd en werkt perfect!

  11. Tal says:

    I was excited about this app, but for some reason could not log in to my gmail account using the connection. Anyone else have this problem?

  12. Herrie says:

    Just works perfecly. I have a spare E61i with a T-Mobile data connection that is now dedicated to JoikuSpot. It does not only support http and https as mentioned elsewhere; I use my email client without any problems.

  13. Vater says:


    With this will i be able to connect a PC to internet by USB?
    The problem is: At my office EVERYTHING is f*cked up by WEBSENSE, but almost everyone have Laptop (not me)… so i had to look for circumventor -this way i am “talking with you”-… and everybody “steals” a WiFi from the neiborghs…. so i want also to do that but I DONT HAVE A LAPTOP!!!

    Can i use this by usb??

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