Testing Ovi Share

Testing videoclip - Share on Ovi

I can’t hear the audio.. I can hear myself on the phone.. Anybody???

UPDATE: my bad…. found it.. audio works

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4 Responses to Testing Ovi Share

  1. Loek says:

    Review? Feedback?

  2. Raimo says:

    Yep.. Very satisfied now.. I added my Twango(OVi Share) emailaddress to Shozu. Love the channels part. Love the fact that pics and movies are in one place. Added my Ovi RSS feed to twitterfeed. Bye bye Flickr for me…

  3. Loek says:


    I have the Share Online 3.0 client running on my N95 (link is somewhere on share.ovi.com, but so far I got it to support only Flickr and Vox. Any idea how I could add Ovi Share? Would be more convenient to use than email addresses.

    I am also using Ovi Share to upload podcasts that I am doing.

  4. Hi Loek,

    I downloaded Share Online 3.0 from or Nokia BetaLabs or Ovi site.. It changed some bookmarks in Ovi bookmarks and added Ovi as an option in the app..

    Have no idea what happened with you.. Maybe deinstall it and reinstall it totally?

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