Future of Internet Search

 Pictures say more than words….

Mobile version

Mobile version

Mobile version

Mobile version
Isn’t this simply amazing.. Never thought about a display in this way..

Found it at petitinvention

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8 Responses to Future of Internet Search

  1. Loek says:

    Newspapers? Come on…! 😉

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  6. Gert says:

    This is already happening on the G1 phone!

  7. Esther Zoagibe says:

    But with these technological advances, things that could help us with research and make things easier for us, don’t you see some negative in it? Yes, it would be helpful, but because we are so addicted to the fact that things are able to be made simpler we aren’t able to control ourselves. We’ll become lazy and dependent. America now is becoming lazy, and our generation is hidden behind screens and passwords. This is a great innovation, nonetheless. Good Work.

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