I haven’t used this blog since April 2nd 2008 but recently I am getting interested to blog again. No promises that I will blog regularly but will give it a shot..

The themes that I used to blog about were innovation, mobile and marketing (see the 2007 and 2008 posts). What I will post about in the remainder of 2010 I don’t know. When I do know I will change this piece of text 😉

4 Responses to About

  1. kjell says:

    I like your wheel and the layout….I would like a copy if possible and I’ll make sure you get credit for it if I use it within my team…we may also share some innovation thoughts if thats of interest
    – Kjell –

  2. Raimo says:


    No problem.. If you need me to support you in any other way let me know..

  3. EJ says:

    Hi Raimo

    Wilde je even laten weten dat ik met ‘contributive marketing’ internationaal ga consulten. Hoop dat je geen probleem hebt met deze tagline!


  4. https://sites.google.com/site/bottlecaptastic/home/entropy
    I pasted the link also because I seriouslly connect to what you are talking about but in a different parallel, more of the arts aspect. Can I use your blog for a presentation I am doing on How public art can increase awareness for sustainability and some asides on chemistry and entropy? I will just be browsing over and express some connections between my project and your your platform. Thank You.

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