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Amsterdam Industries: From Prototype to Business

Dear friend, Summer is about the end. A new season is starting. Also for me personally.. Last year I was involved in many projects and I was scattered all over the place. I helped many start-ups but in this time … Continue reading

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10 rules of Cycle Management

Within Layar we work in cycles. They appear to be between 4 and 6 month within Layar. The market we are operating in makes it really impossible to plan any further. We compare it with riding a wave in a … Continue reading

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The song of a start-up

Something I am fascinated by is  comparing businesses to things we encounter in every day life. Doing this helps me make sense of the world. It shows me how companies are moving, where companies are going and even in which … Continue reading

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Back to blogging

I am back to blogging. No idea why. Not a clue yet what I will blog about. Let’s see what happens..

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AR game Mirage Money

I just downloaded Mirage Money from the Vodafone Betavine site I enjoyed playing it. It is almost as your own little mobile Wii set. You need to collect money(that is floating towards you) buy turning and moving your mobile phone … Continue reading

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From Content to Context

Yesterday at our MoMo event I gave a 15 minute talk on context. I divided the presentation in three part: 3 differences in context by media 3 steps towards development of services 3 examples of contextual services Here it is! … Continue reading

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Some Smart Words on Mobile Search


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Robot Phones..

Oh yes.. I like the way this is going… THE Transformation to an intelligent device(yes I know it is still a toy..) Via

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Being smart and mobile in space

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Mobile VOIP with Talkonaut

Talkonaut just released their new Symbian S60 2nd/3rd edition client. I used the old java app from Talkonaut some time ago. To be honest the client was not really impressive.. But now they return, and what a way to return. … Continue reading

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