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AR game Mirage Money

I just downloaded Mirage Money from the Vodafone Betavine site I enjoyed playing it. It is almost as your own little mobile Wii set. You need to collect money(that is floating towards you) buy turning and moving your mobile phone … Continue reading

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Future of Internet Search

¬†Pictures say more than words…. Isn’t this simply amazing.. Never thought about a display in this way.. Found it at petitinvention

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AR via Videocalling

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3 clips on Virtuality

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My First Augmented Reality experience

Augmented Reality(AR) is the act of enriching our physical reality with digital information. Most probably this will be in a total immersive way. The possibilities of this technology are endless. I am sure that AR or Mixed Reality is the … Continue reading

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In the future I can do anything!

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Pokemon coming to AR soon?

AR(Augmented Reality) is I guess now a small year away from the first commercial applications. Probably a mobile game will be the first to have a go.. The number if AR projects currently in universities must be huge if I … Continue reading

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Urban Playfield

Great clip from HP about Augmented Reality promoting the Mscape project. Anyone withe Windows Mobile device that tried it? This time of the Urban Playground is something I touched also in this post. It fascinates me!

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Modern Mobile Magic

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