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Networked Micro Agencies

  I believe a new form of organization is emerging. It is the large group of independents working as freelancers, programmers, designers and consultants that is looking to cluster into small networks. These independents are what  I call micro agencies: … Continue reading

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Making stuff…

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WECT model

Is your product ready for the new customer centric world? Well try to fit your product in the below WECT model. The model puts us in the middle and shows basically that there are 2 major things we are pursuing: … Continue reading

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Going for the Core!

(Musings on the future of business) Unbundling is probably the most important trend of current business. Next to the unbundling of products(customized Nike’s) and valuechains(opensource), also e.g. workforces are unbundled(freelancers). Main reasons that this process currently is happening is: Higher … Continue reading

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Corporates Connecting

The second phase in the Holistic Wheel of Creation is Connect. Connect with all stakeholders to discuss, share and learn about your wishes. McKinsey released a survey on the acceptance of Web2.0 solutions within corporations that should stimulate above mentioned activities. Conclusion: There … Continue reading

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Dabbawalla effect

Finally Seth has done it. I am refering to one of his blogposts.. I am fascinated by the current increased believe in the human potential. We are moving towards a human centric society and hopefully a human centric workforce. This … Continue reading

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Coca Cola and Xerox go Holistic

On the absolutely great blog Credibility Branding I just read a post on a changing perception at some major corporations. During a show called PBS CEO Exchange hosted by Jeff Greenfield Anne M Mulcahy Chairman & CEO, Xerox Corporation and … Continue reading

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Holism versus Reductionism

Press image to see full scale..

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