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“Branding is no longer the future of business”

¬† Sometimes you read a post that just is SPOT ON! This time it is Russell Davies¬†with a big post about how the value of branding is being overtaken by what I call Contribution Marketing and Purpose Driven Innovation (Russell: … Continue reading

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I am the Media

Thanks to David Armano

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Fields Of Creation

Well. Finally I finished a presentation in which I combine many of my thoughts and beliefs. It is the most personal set of thoughts yet. Like everything I produce still work in progress. Have a look at the presentation. Like … Continue reading

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Far away from the truth

Adfoblog pointed out this funny YouTube clip. Excellent to show how far from the truth we still are. Amazing how rich the business culture is that we created..

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Designworld: “We are ashamed, back to contributing”

Just read an article at Core 77 about what is going on in designsland. Seems that designers(even Phillipe Starck) start to be ashamed of the world they helped create. There seems to be a general feeling of guilt towards the … Continue reading

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