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Now 15% discount on N810!!!

Nokia (represented by ” The Candyman” as Adam calls him) and Adam Curry joined forces to get everyone on a internet tablet. Finally also in the Netherlands we can profit from this deal. Check out the offer.. Here is … Continue reading

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Robot Puppy

I wish I had the skill to do this with my Nokia N800. Would be beautiful that there would be somekind of joined Nokia/Lego Mindstorms project.  Creating simple building blocks with product API’s for easy interaction and connection. Changing the … Continue reading

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Multitouch screen (Update)

and here the official ad for Microsoft Surface:

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N95 screenshot parade

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Nokia 6131 NFC(RFID) Demo

Thanks to the great eye of Stefan Constantinescu from Ring Nokia who found the clip on YouTube. THE FUTURE!!!!!

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Prada Phone

So when will we see the first Visa device, BMW device, Porsche device and maybe hmm.. Raimo device??(User Generated Phones can that be the future?) Seriously.. You see that big scale companies have difficulties managing the customer. Their brand just … Continue reading

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BIG words for 2007: Intuitive User Interface

Nope nothing about iPhone..but Hillcrest’s fun new gadget and a Voice Activated Information System

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Unboxing the Zune

Hmm..I start to like it. Seeing the interface makes gives me the idea that mobile phones really need to pick up the pace in UI and speed.

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