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Nice! Adding a dimension to 2D screens.. thanks to chroma

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Crowdsourcing? Excuse me…?

Now that I am starting on my own people are asking so what are you doing. When I explain this in brief I like to use some words that position me and my services. Crowdsourcing fits excellent in this story. … Continue reading

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Let it go let it go…

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Short on staff? Hire a robot!

Just read an article in the Japan Times about People Staff, a japanese temp agency, that rents out robots to do receptionist work.. So are we really at the beginning of robots entering our service industry? Interesting development. People Staff plan the … Continue reading

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Robot Puppy

I wish I had the skill to do this with my Nokia N800. Would be beautiful that there would be somekind of joined Nokia/Lego Mindstorms project.  Creating simple building blocks with product API’s for easy interaction and connection. Changing the … Continue reading

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Cam Clic

Impressive demo of Cam Clic

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Multitouch screen (Update)

and here the official ad for Microsoft Surface:

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Unmanaging: Unleashing the Creative Beast

Great presentation from Tara Hunt about myths in innovation, creativity and motivation. For me this is a great presentation showing the difference between reductionistic thinking and holistic thinking. Enjoy the show..

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Mobile Technology 2012

Younghee Jung leads a multidisciplinary research team at Nokia called “Insight and Innovation.” She talks about what to expect next from your mobile phone, the newest ideas in the pipeline, and the questions that Nokia is asking women. From “2012: … Continue reading

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