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From Profit to Purpose

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Do you know TOMS shoes?

TOMS shoes is a great initiative. For every pair that is sold one pair is given away for free to children in need. Below a video about the first TOMS shoe drop in Argentinia. Great example to see the strength … Continue reading

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In case you didn’t notice, Advertising as we knew it is gone

Great post on Hee-Haw marketing. Comforting to see more are seeing the change.. Please read it! Here are some great parts out of that post: ┬áSo, the picture should be even clearer. Advertising is dead, but marketing isn’t. We’ve started … Continue reading

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My ChangeThis Manifesto

Dear reader, My proposal for a ChangeThis Manifesto was approved. Currently my proposal is up for voting. When I have enough votes(I have no idea what enough is) it will be published. Here is my proposal: Value Creation: The RIGHT … Continue reading

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The Message..

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Contribution Marketing Manifesto[draft]

I will start this blog with an ever evolving Manifesto. Why Contribution Marketing? People are getting connected. The world is getting flat and transparant. Connected people create their own markets. A new democracy is rising. The power of the collective … Continue reading

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