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Future of Internet Search

 Pictures say more than words…. Isn’t this simply amazing.. Never thought about a display in this way.. Found it at petitinvention

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My First Augmented Reality experience

Augmented Reality(AR) is the act of enriching our physical reality with digital information. Most probably this will be in a total immersive way. The possibilities of this technology are endless. I am sure that AR or Mixed Reality is the … Continue reading

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Mobile Rules

I just submitted a Business Plan in the Nokia Mobile Rules competition. Exciting. Will hear something in November/December timeframe.

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Mobile Technology 2012

Younghee Jung leads a multidisciplinary research team at Nokia called “Insight and Innovation.” She talks about what to expect next from your mobile phone, the newest ideas in the pipeline, and the questions that Nokia is asking women. From “2012: … Continue reading

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I am saved!

Lately I was messing up many appointments(sorry again) because of the fact that I had three agendas to manage: my mobile, my work and my private home agenda. Thank god GooSync is there. It synchronises my Google Calendar(which I instantly … Continue reading

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Personal Flying Robot

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N95 screenshot parade

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