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Right brain – Left brain

¬† Such an amazing post on the great blog Transformation Economy from Tom van Brunschot “Logical and precise, left-brain thinking gave us the Information Age. Now comes the Conceptual Age – ruled by artistry, empathy, and emotion.” – Dan Pink, … Continue reading

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Science Fiction 2.0: Adhocracy and Hylozoism

Just visited a symposium in Amsterdam on Science Fiction and Science Faction about how SF influences technology and the otherway around.. Tonight two speakers were there: R.U. Sirius and Rudy Rucker I would like to share two things that stuck … Continue reading

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Dabbawalla effect

Finally Seth has done it. I am refering to one of his blogposts.. I am fascinated by the current increased believe in the human potential. We are moving towards a human centric society and hopefully a human centric workforce. This … Continue reading

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Coca Cola and Xerox go Holistic

On the absolutely great blog Credibility Branding I just read a post on a changing perception at some major corporations. During a show called PBS CEO Exchange hosted by Jeff Greenfield Anne M Mulcahy Chairman & CEO, Xerox Corporation and … Continue reading

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Difference between Producing and Creating

I was wondering what the difference was between these two words.. I came this far: Producing is something humans and machines can do Creating is something only humans can do

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Ten Trends in Health and Wellness

The American strategic consulting, market research and business development organization NMI (Natural Marketing Institute) published their consumertrends in health and wellness for 2007. Very interesting¬†to again show you a new list of trends. The main theme of the trends is: … Continue reading

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Holism versus Reductionism

Press image to see full scale..

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