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Testing Ovi Share

I can’t hear the audio.. I can hear myself on the phone.. Anybody??? UPDATE: my bad…. found it.. audio works

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Sharing bandwith with JoikuSpot Light

It amazes me that every week there is a new service that turns my N95 into a new product. This week JoikuSpot turns my N95 into a hotspot. It just takes my HSDPA/UMTS signal and turns into a public Wifi … Continue reading

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My list of Mobile Apps

I notice that many people have difficulty finding great apps for their mobile. So I thought it might be nice to share my list of apps with you and ask some of my friends to do the same. ;-). Bytheway … Continue reading

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WikiPPT boomerangs back

On January 9th I started an experiment called WikiPPT. Read the description of the experiment below: We start off with a cover slide describing a subject. You fill in the first slide and send the powerpoint to whom you think … Continue reading

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My Twitter Growth Path

I see that went through different stages with Twitter or microblogging in general. Just the last weeks the true relevance of the application start to show as we the network start to grow through sharing.. I tried to fit the … Continue reading

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Real time transport mashup of Helsinki

This mashup – showing Finnish public transport system in REAL TIME on google maps is wonderful, and strangely addictive. Thanks to 3D People for finding it..

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Multitouch screen (Update)

and here the official ad for Microsoft Surface:

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Unmanaging: Unleashing the Creative Beast

Great presentation from Tara Hunt about myths in innovation, creativity and motivation. For me this is a great presentation showing the difference between reductionistic thinking and holistic thinking. Enjoy the show..

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