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Networked Micro Agencies

  I believe a new form of organization is emerging. It is the large group of independents working as freelancers, programmers, designers and consultants that is looking to cluster into small networks. These independents are what  I call micro agencies: … Continue reading

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Liking BT’s strategy

Below a short summary of BT’s strategy. Thinks I like are in bold. From Telco 2.0 blog: We’ve been thinking a lot recently about BT’s product strategy (don’t ask why, we won’t tell!). Ben Verwaayen, BT’s boss, has a vision … Continue reading

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I am the Media

Thanks to David Armano

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In case you didn’t notice, Advertising as we knew it is gone

Great post on Hee-Haw marketing. Comforting to see more are seeing the change.. Please read it! Here are some great parts out of that post:  So, the picture should be even clearer. Advertising is dead, but marketing isn’t. We’ve started … Continue reading

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Assessing creational capabilities in corporations

If we are slowly moving to an Creative/emotion driven market, how can stockmarkets/financial institutions assess value? How can you predict and define value in such an abstract, emotional and human environment. I asked a question in LinkedIn. Excellent tool! See … Continue reading

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Going for Greatness

Just reading the 8th habit of Stephen R. Covey. What a treasure.. So inline with my thoughts and believes. Finally I can reference to a book 😉 Big difference is that I am not placing primarily individuals in this process … Continue reading

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Second law of Thermodynamics and Teleonomy

Googling a bit on the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Somehow have the feeling that this law applies to corporations(closed systems, Entropy) aswell. Found the following post..enjoy! Nature is such an inspiration.. Evolution versus a basic law of nature Scores of … Continue reading

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