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Future of Internet Search

 Pictures say more than words…. Isn’t this simply amazing.. Never thought about a display in this way.. Found it at petitinvention

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NiiMe: N95 as a Wii controller

Check out the NiiMe project Turn your N95 into a wireless mouse/wheel. Thanks to Darla Mack

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Beyond Multi-Touch: Touchless Device Controls

To go beyond touch and create touchless 3D device control interface, Nokia decided to use Ultrasonic Transducers (USTs), arrayed around the perimeter of the display. Ultrasonic transducers emit ultrasonic sound waves that propagate through air. When finger gets into the … Continue reading

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My First Augmented Reality experience

Augmented Reality(AR) is the act of enriching our physical reality with digital information. Most probably this will be in a total immersive way. The possibilities of this technology are endless. I am sure that AR or Mixed Reality is the … Continue reading

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Multitouch screen (Update)

and here the official ad for Microsoft Surface:

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Mobile Technology 2012

Younghee Jung leads a multidisciplinary research team at Nokia called “Insight and Innovation.” She talks about what to expect next from your mobile phone, the newest ideas in the pipeline, and the questions that Nokia is asking women. From “2012: … Continue reading

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Modern Mobile Magic

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What about speech recognition and TTS

Slowly we see services getting mature in the area of speech recognition and TTS(Text To Speech). Will these “translators” become the bridge between the virtual world of the web and our physical world. Will the “translator” create an AI. Will … Continue reading

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Nokia 6131 NFC(RFID) Demo

Thanks to the great eye of Stefan Constantinescu from Ring Nokia who found the clip on YouTube. THE FUTURE!!!!!

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