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WikiPPT boomerangs back

On January 9th I started an experiment called WikiPPT. Read the description of the experiment below: We start off with a cover slide describing a subject. You fill in the first slide and send the powerpoint to whom you think … Continue reading

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Networked Micro Agencies

  I believe a new form of organization is emerging. It is the large group of independents working as freelancers, programmers, designers and consultants that is looking to cluster into small networks. These independents are what  I call micro agencies: … Continue reading

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Making stuff…

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Corporates Connecting

The second phase in the Holistic Wheel of Creation is Connect. Connect with all stakeholders to discuss, share and learn about your wishes. McKinsey released a survey on the acceptance of Web2.0 solutions within corporations that should stimulate above mentioned activities. Conclusion: There … Continue reading

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