Robot Phones..

Oh yes.. I like the way this is going… THE Transformation to an intelligent device(yes I know it is still a toy..)


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Being smart and mobile in space

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Mobile VOIP with Talkonaut

Talkonaut just released their new Symbian S60 2nd/3rd edition client. I used the old java app from Talkonaut some time ago. To be honest the client was not really impressive.. But now they return, and what a way to return. This is the best mobile VOIP/chat app I have seen!! I just linked up my Gmail and MSN account. The interface is just beautiful the amount of features and extras are amazing aswell. Below some screenshots I made and after the fold their press release.. I recommend ti try it out. Go with your mobile browser to

UPDATE: just deleted my Fring app…enough said.. The app vibrates when you get a new chat message.. so simple bit sooo cool..

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Future of Internet Search

 Pictures say more than words….

Mobile version

Mobile version

Mobile version

Mobile version
Isn’t this simply amazing.. Never thought about a display in this way..

Found it at petitinvention

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Cant accept invites on

Just found out. This is a mobile post

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LinkedIn on Mobile. Promising!

I just found out that LinkedIn has gone mobile. I really think this has a promising future. This is great in those moments that you ON THE SPOT would like to check your network for people connected to corporations, brands, interests, etc.. I really like the simple invite structure(see screenshot). Just add the emailaddress of the person you meet and it sends an LinkedIn invite. See below some screenshots. I think I am going to use this instead of exchanging businesscards (maybe) 😉

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Ohh wow.. ah must read!

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