AR via Videocalling

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Recycled phone: Nokia Remade

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Testing Ovi Share

Testing videoclip - Share on Ovi

I can’t hear the audio.. I can hear myself on the phone.. Anybody???

UPDATE: my bad…. found it.. audio works

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Enjoy Barcelona everybody!!

My single worst decision last year was to decide not to go to MWC in Barcelona..

I really feel shit about it.. ;-(

Next year there for sure!!

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Loving Adam Greenfield’s vision

Just checking out some videos of the Lift Conference and found a presentation of Adam Greenfield. Adam Greenfield, writer of the book Everyware, spoke at LiftConference in Korea about how our cities are becoming read/write environments rather than de-socialized zones with everybody isolated in a tech bubble (iPod, mobile phone). This is THE reason I am in Mobile.. This is my inspiration. Getting out of the screen and back into the world. Halleluja!!

New nice word: Ambiant Informatics

Some very nice examples and cases aswell.

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Sharing bandwith with JoikuSpot Light

It amazes me that every week there is a new service that turns my N95 into a new product.

This week JoikuSpot turns my N95 into a hotspot. It just takes my HSDPA/UMTS signal and turns into a public Wifi hotspot. Amazing! Check this Seesmic video..

UPDATE: Just found out via Loek(the Candyman) that Joiku can only make point-2-point connections. So only one connection per N95.. Too bad..

UPDATE II: I just found out that Cali from Geekbrief has two devices connected to a JoikuSpot. Seems that it is still a mystery.. Anyone from Joiku want to comment???

UPDATE III: Check comment of Lasse from Joikusoft to explain in a bit more detail how JoikuSpot works

It is just so simple to install.. Just imagine that all our phones are also free wifi hotspots.. Check out the screenshots below:

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Droste 2.0

I just experimented a bit with Qik. Qik is a mobile video streaming service. Very nice and simple app.

So what is I did:

I started to videostream to my Qik profile. At the same time I watched this live videostream on my N810 and filmed it with my N95..

Here is the result.. Which is called a Droste effect

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