From Content to Context

Yesterday at our MoMo event I gave a 15 minute talk on context. I divided the presentation in three part:

  • 3 differences in context by media
  • 3 steps towards development of services
  • 3 examples of contextual services

Here it is!

If you understand some dutch or you are just curious how I sound, you can watch the video here

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2 Responses to From Content to Context

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  2. Wapple says:

    Fantastic presentation! You really seem to be grabbing the mobile web bull by the horns in the same way that we’re trying to impress upon people this year.

    Mobile web needs a mobile web strategy. Neglected and poorly-optimised sites are hugely detrimental to the development of mobile web technology.

    We’ve just published a paper on this subject. Why not have a read and let me know what you think?

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