Lonelygirl15 becomes a multi character thriller

Hi, Just finished watching a clip of Gemma on YouTube.. Gemma is a new character which popped up like a month ago.. In the beginning she reacted on posts of Bree(Lonelygirl15).

Heee…but what is happening now??? Lonelygirl goes outside and Gemma starts to see people watching Bree(lonely girl). Gemma is doing research about secret societies and a new order(that speaks Egyptian). MYSTERIOUS!!!!!
Seeing these developments I am sure that lonelygirl is going to be on the run and that Gemma is going to help her(through videomessages) to uncover the mysterious truth about something we don’t know yet. Involving the New World Order. Lonelygirl will probably travel over the whole world and piece by piece the mystery will be unraveled.

If they(the makers) have decided to go in this direction. The direction of a thriller/mystery storyline with multiple characters it might become even for me interesting to watch. Well at least it is a very new way of ‘telling’ a movie/soap/series.

Bytheway is their a word for user generated moviesoap made out of clips from different characters and distributed through potentially different means of media(they have MySpace account now aswell)???

Below the storyline sofar…

Gemma suddenly brings some information about The Order that speaks ancient Egyptian:

Gemma sees man in video of Lonelygirl:

Gemma sees symbol referring to knights and New World Order

Bree is fleeing from the watcher(enhanced with music..also new)

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1 Response to Lonelygirl15 becomes a multi character thriller

  1. Spencer Fraine says:

    As a viewer since August, I find the story absolutely far-fetched and annoying at this point. The “clues” that made it intriguing in the first place have been replaced by inconsistencies in character development and plot points that don’t seem to make sense. If people are going to be so bold as to call themselves “Creators of a New Artform,” they need to get moving on creating new art, not just pumping out poor quality episodes that are rather uncreative.

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