BIG words for 2007: 1st word CHOICE!!

The effect of choice…this will be bigger than it already is. The information overload..The abundance.. The customization.

I already talked about Barry Schwartz idea of the negative aspects of choice. How will me manage it all? What effect has it on us that we know that we cannot oversee the total supply of things we can attain? What effect does it have on brands? To cope with the abundance of supply will we sell ourselves the story that it is not the “buying of the best” that counts but “enjoying what you have bought” that counts. Whatever the choice was. Will we learn to see value in everything to cope with this constant cognitive dissonance. So are the small things the new treasures. The small brands, the crafters and the passionate. I believe so.. We will be more inclined to shop favourable “companies” than to rationalised comparisons. Is this the reason why Stormhoek sells so much wine?

Soon more on choicestrategies:
So are you maximizing or satisficing? Looking for the ultimate camera, wine, tv programme, blog, teapot or dress. Or do you handle your choices differently? First suitable offer presented you “buy”? Maximizers die early and are unhappy.

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