Robot Puppy

I wish I had the skill to do this with my Nokia N800. Would be beautiful that there would be somekind of joined Nokia/Lego Mindstorms project.  Creating simple building blocks with product API’s for easy interaction and connection. Changing the Nokia developing platform from software to also Hardware. I really think this would be smart way to go because of 3 reasons:

  1. Currently  differentiation is hard on hardware. With such a hardware developing community alot of inspiration, knowlodge through trial and error will become available
  2. Connected devices have tremendous design challenges with big screens, keyboards, touchscreens, etc. Also here the community might help solve several o these issues.
  3. Create new non exsting product categories. Let the community create their own Blue Ocean product.

If Nokia is listening I have some cool ideas about it..

Puppy and rover robot with N800 Internet Tablet as head and remote controller. Video from robot head is transferred to remote controller via Internet.

Build one for yourself?

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