10 rules of Cycle Management

Within Layar we work in cycles. They appear to be between 4 and 6 month within Layar. The market we are operating in makes it really impossible to plan any further. We compare it with riding a wave in a storm. You need all your attention on the present. We have a rough end-goal but surviving this ride has nothing to do with having a very clear end goal. It has everything to do with being in the here and now. Adapting quickly to changing conditions and behave as one organism instead of as several parts of a whole.

A cycle within Layar is that part of our path we are pretty certain on we will be able to surf. Below 10 rules to get started with working in cycles within your company. 😉

  1. It takes 1-2 months to prepare for a cycle.
  2. Take your time to define your cycle.
  3. You can only begin a cycle after you have delivered on the prior one.
  4. You cannot plan beyond a cycle
  5. If you can plan beyond a cycle your cycle is too short
  6. Every cycle has a clear purpose
  7. There is nothing else than the cycle.
  8. Every cycle has a ritual beginning and ending.
  9. Don’t change course halfway your cycle
  10. If you change course halfway a cycle, you need to reduce the time of a cycle by 50%.

No I am not a scrum master.

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2 Responses to 10 rules of Cycle Management

  1. Yuri van Geest says:

    Great stuff! Makes me think

  2. carl says:

    Can you share more about the cycle you are in now? Is a cycle a personal thing or a joint effort?

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