Power to the people

Something is changing.. It is big…

Our relationship with the BIG brands and Multi Multinationals is changing. We know them, they know us..

They know we are not interested anymore in the BS marketing. We want more. The days of mass consumption/mass marketing are about to be ended. We want value! Value in consumption but also value in production. Cultural Creatives are clustering. Their power is growing.

Be prepared to answer some difficult questions in the near future..

“So Mr. Big Brand what are you contributing to this world? I am not talking about charity initiatives(2% of turnover). I am talking about your true reason of being. How is your existence on this planet helping us all in making this a better place? Why are you here? Why are you producing?”

If we keep networking in the pace we are doing now. Customers will become the next biggest Multinational/Political Movement around.

It is time…

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