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Recycled phone: Nokia Remade

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Wisdom Culture by Paul Ray

From a good friend I received a pdf. A pdf about Wisdom Culture and Practical Wisdom written by Paul Ray, the guy that brought us the term Cultural Creatives. Have a read and decide for yourself if you are a … Continue reading

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Making your own life

A great example of the power of creativity in combination with a strong wish. Would love to hear him speak at a conference… via 

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From Profit to Purpose

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End of Brands, beginning of reputation(part two)

The last decades companies have lived in isolation. They were to big and technology was not ready to create dialogue with your favourite people(customers). Many research firms helped companies to interpret the needs of their customers. Ad agencies tried to … Continue reading

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I Love my Mac just wished it came in GREEN

Well this is a great example how my below post(end of brands) works in practice. I finally understand why I don’t like Apple…

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The end of brands, the birth of reputation(part 1)

A big part of rich western world(let’s remember we are a small part of the total world) is now getting connected through internet. Social networks and blogs are the perfect examples. Next to that we are connected we are getting … Continue reading

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Power to the people

Something is changing.. It is big… Our relationship with the BIG brands and Multi Multinationals is changing. We know them, they know us.. They know we are not interested anymore in the BS marketing. We want more. The days of … Continue reading

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Buy your Free Hugs T-shirt here!

Hi, Just opened shop on Spreadshirt.. 😉 Already ordered one for myself. I will be wearing it friday at Brightlive. See you there?? Thanks to the people at Spreadshirt for sponsoring(express sending) the shirt.

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Real Life: internet spin off

More and more I am drawn to initiatives which mix the online world with the real world. When a community force is involved in such an iniative it really wakes me right up. Things like the Freehugscampaign and OneWorld. These … Continue reading

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