Wisdom Culture by Paul Ray

From a good friend I received a pdf. A pdf about Wisdom Culture and Practical Wisdom written by Paul Ray, the guy that brought us the term Cultural Creatives. Have a read and decide for yourself if you are a member of this new Wise Culture. Paul describes 15 destinctions of Wisdom.

  1. Using the big picture
  2. Using many ways of knowing
  3. Acting in the  service of larger purposes
  4. Very socially responsible
  5. Insightful
  6. Perceptive and subtle observers
  7. Aware of limits and uncertainty of knowledge
  8. Authentic and Trustworthy
  9. Grounded in realities of a variety of situations
  10. Discriminating and fair in judgement
  11. Socially skilled and knowledgeable
  12. Is familiar with higher levels of consciousness
  13. Having a wise group process that elicite leadership from the entire group
  14. Letting be and letting go. Trusting the universe
  15. Having a very large and varied reportoire of values

My favorites are in italic 😉
I converted the pdf to a slideshare presentation(watch full screen):

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2 Responses to Wisdom Culture by Paul Ray

  1. EJ says:

    Nice. The center of this wisdom is a serious attempt to understand the concept of fear.
    Fear has many shapes, the smallest ones are the most destructive ones.

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