My First Augmented Reality experience

Augmented Reality(AR) is the act of enriching our physical reality with digital information. Most probably this will be in a total immersive way. The possibilities of this technology are endless. I am sure that AR or Mixed Reality is the way how we will navigate through life in the near future.

To get a feeling of what AR is I tried to create such an immersive experience. See the recipe below:


Buy a N95:

Buy a AV920 from Vuzix:

Get connected:

Get your TV-out cable and connect it to the N95 and to theAV920.

Turn on your N95

Turn on your aV920

Switch on the camera of the N95. Tata… You now see a digital reality on a virtual 62 inch screen. šŸ˜‰

Ok. Next step is to augment this reality:

I used a project called Invisibles. It is a project of Bruno Vianna. Bruno wrote an application that overlaps reality with pictures supported with videotracking algorhithms. Originally this application is written to be used in a parc in Brasil. See the clip below..

The beauty is that Buno shares this app and source code with the world. Too install this app on the N95 you just need to install Mobile Python and follow the instructions on Bruno’s site.


Here was my result. A floating man at my kitchen table.

Only way to get a screenhot was to show the open apps.. ;-(

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