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From Profit to Purpose

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Creationist WOM versus Evolutionist WOM

Great Slidecast(slideshow with Audio commentary) 0n two very different routes on Word of Mouth(WOM). After you have seen this you may guess which one I prefer 😉 Hint: read the Contribution Marketing and Purpose Driven Innovation tabs hehe

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Clean City Law in Sao Paolo

Well the Clean City Law is active in Sao Paolo.  Here a nice clip showing some nice insights in this action from Mayor Gilberto Kassab to ban almost all outdoor advertising in Sao Paolo

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“Branding is no longer the future of business”

  Sometimes you read a post that just is SPOT ON! This time it is Russell Davies with a big post about how the value of branding is being overtaken by what I call Contribution Marketing and Purpose Driven Innovation (Russell: … Continue reading

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Making stuff…

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Kapitaal (Capital) is a project based animation made for Museum De Beyerd, Dutch Museum for Graphic Design. Kapitaal is a typographical stroll throug a Dutch city revealing the influence of graphic design. Kapitaal typo-animation by the order of the Beyerd … Continue reading

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I am the Media

Thanks to David Armano

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